Five Top Ways to Manage Your Own Word Press Website

After you have designed and launched on your own word press website, you may or may not know that the job of running your own site has just begun. Even though the launch date is normally considered to be a day of celebration for everyone involved, there is always some maintenance that is needed to keep it operating effectively without any unnecessary problems. The Duplicator Pro Plugin offers an array of options for cloning, migrating, or transferring your WordPress website! If you want to know what kinds of maintenance is needed to operate your site, here are a few top ways to manage your WordPress website successfully

Run WordPress Backups for Your Site

From the start, a lot of hard work normally goes into designing, publishing and launching a WordPress site for any business. In fact, it is not uncommon for a developer and the site owner to spend several weeks to months to designing the perfect site and filling it up with content. So, it is important to remember that there are some things that can happen that can adversely affect the site and the information. Typically, one of the biggest problems is losing the data that everyone has worked so hard to post on each blog and other sections of the site. 

To avoid these issues, one of the most important things the site owner will need to do is run a wordpress back up on a regularly scheduled basis. For instance, for whatever reasons the data is lost or hacked into, the data and the files that are lost or corrupted can easily be restored through the backup process that has been put in place. 

Run a WordPress Malware Scan

In addition to running a wordpress back up process on a regular basis, it is very important that you run a malware scan on your website. A malware scan can be described as the process of running a scan on your website to identify and prevent infections. By running this type of scan on a regular basis, you can start to combat any threats posed to your site. 

Track Hosting Performance by Monitoring WordPress uptime 

If you are running a business website, you need to pay close attention to high effective the site’s uptime is at all time. Sites that go down regularly from time to time are not only a nuisance to visitors who go to your site but will also become a liability to the company’s reputability if not fixed in time enough. Hence, this type of maintenance should be scheduled regularly to identify any problems that can occur.

Optimize Images on the Website

If you want your response time to be low, you need to make sure that you are performing activities that will make the site respond faster. One of the best ways to manage this part of the site is to optimize all of the images on the site. 

Update Users on the Website

If you have dedicated users on the site that perform certain types of activities, they will most likely have special user-ids for the administration. This information should only be valid if the person has changed to a different role.